The Sigil of the Titanic Order of Prometheus

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Sigil of the Titanic Order of Prometheus

The Titanic Order of Prometheus

+ Disce Quasi Semper Victurus, Vive Quasi Cras Moriturus +


The sigil for the Titanic Order of Prometheus (TOP) can be broken down into a few core components. This report will brief you on the meaning of each of these elements.


Unicursal Hexagram

The unicursal hexagram is most commonly used as a symbol of Thelema, the religion founded by Aleister Crowley. We want to make it very clear that this is not how we are using the symbol. TOP is not a Thelemic organization and we do not officially endorse the Law of Thelema. The official stance of TOP is that Thelema is ultimately a Right Hand Path. We acknowledge the impact Crowley and Thelema have had on the evolution of modern occultism, however the TOP system is a Left Hand Path (or Complete Path.)

With that out of the way, the TOP uses the unicursal hexagram entwined with the serpent to represent the regimented internal composition of the Complete Harmonized Self. The six points plus the center represent the seven planetary gods (referred to as Archons in TOP) and by extension the forbidden knowledge each is guarding.


The Serpent

Serpents, typically living in holes in the ground, have been associated with hidden knowledge in diverse cultures around the world throughout time. The serpent in the TOP sigil specifically represents the journey through the first Seven Gates of initiation into the Sinister Mysteries. The initiate is tasked with seizing the forbidden knowledge from each of the Archons. The knowledge thereby gained from each Archon serves as the Key to their Gate.


Double Diamond

This is the most deceptively simple element of the sigil. As this is one of the more unusual ways to encapsulate an organization’s symbol, we will take a bit more time exploring this component.

The double diamond replaces the double circle that was used in the first released version of the TOP sigil. The circle represents the magic circle of protection, unbroken cycles and defined focus. Viewed from another perspective the circle represents a limitation, a barrier or a ring-pass-not beyond which represents the unknown. It is also a symbol of the unmanifest realm, otherwise known as “spirit.”

Replacing the circle with a diamond generates a much different interaction with the outside world. The diamond is essentially a stretched square. The square is a symbol of the manifest or physical plane. This is an important reminder that the “here and now” is the canvas upon which we express the artwork of our soul. Our goal is to bend the universe to our will and a stretched square is quite appropriate as a symbol to represent this.

In addition, the diamond or lozenge shape is reminiscent of a vertically aligned Vesica Piscis symbol from sacred geometry [This is a symbol created by overlapping two circles in a specific way and is most commonly seen aligned horizontally in the “Jesus fish” symbol.] The major difference, of course, is that the lines in the vesica piscis are curved while the diamond has straight lines. The vesica piscis has been symbolically tied to the female sex organs and by extension it represents a portal into the physical plane, or put another way it is a channel for that which is non-physical to enter the material world. Putting this all together we can say that the diamond is a vortex for the manifestation of our Will in the real world. It can be thought of as a symbolic fortress which serves as our base of operations.

Finally, there is something subversive about the diamond shape itself. The very fact that it is a distorted square signifies a rebellion against the cosmic order as it currently stands. It introduces an element of chaos without completely annihilating the form. It signifies that we live by our own code, which is above any set of laws established by an external authority. It is a symbol of Autotheism, or being one’s own god. In a practical sense this means to be one’s own highest authority in one’s own life.



Translated into English, “Disce Quasi Semper Victurus, Vive Quasi Cras Moriturus” means: “Learn as if you will live forever, Live as if you will die tomorrow.” History has attributed this quote to St. Edmund of Abingdon, a 13th century Archbishop of Canterbury within the Roman Catholic Church. The attributed author is irrelevant to the TOP. Only the meaning of the statement itself is important to us.

The first part of the motto informs us about the nature of learning: That it is a cumulative and evolutionary process. If you worry about how much time and effort you will need to invest in order to master a topic or skill, you may become overwhelmed with the enormity of the task and never even begin. This becomes increasingly the case as one gets older due to the perception that your remaining time is constantly decreasing. The antidote is to adopt the attitude that you will never run out of time as long as you continue to learn.

The second part of this motto reminds us that everything is in constant flux and especially that our human bodies only operate effectively for a limited amount of time. It is imperative to utilize the time we have to appreciate life for all the struggles, the victories, the hard lessons and the simple pleasures. In TOP we also teach that now is the time to establish a legacy that will increase the likelihood that your work will continue indefinitely, even beyond your physical death.

The motto can also be used by TOP initiates as a fraternal greeting, done in a call and answer format.

Person 1: “Disce Quasi Semper Victurus”

Person 2: “Vive Quasi Cras Moriturus”

These can be abbreviated to their acronyms “DQSV” and “VQCM,” especially in written communications between members.



The two X’s are used to visually separate the motto on the bottom of the sigil from the organization’s name at the top. The X is used in particular for this purpose because it is a representation of the physical plane. The X is a form of cross, representing the four directions of the compass. The use of these two X’s further ground the sigil in the real world. This strong emphasis on the material plane is to drive home the point that the work we do is rooted in the here and now. We are not role playing. This isn’t a game or a mental exercise. Our members are expected to put in the work to manifest their desires in the world. Advancement in the TOP is not symbolic. It is a recognition of genuine, tangible success.


Titanic Order of Prometheus

The name of our organization is a symbolic encapsulation of what we are working to achieve and the mythos we utilize to facilitate our process.

“Titanic” is an adjective which broken down to its root simply describes that which has attributes comparable to those of the Titans. In common usage this is typically applied to something large because the Titans were described in the myths as being giant in stature. In TOP we use the term in its wider meaning of all things related to the Titans. In the journey towards Apotheosis the initiate will develop Titanic qualities, thus inaugurating a new breed of Titans in the world.

“Order” is primarily used to convey that our organization is an Esoteric Order. However, there is a more occult meaning to our use of this word. While we do incorporate some aspects of the Anticosmic current within our system, our goal is not complete chaos. We seek to overthrow the existing spiritual establishment represented by the Olympic Archons and establish our own New Order that is closer in character to the era when the Titans ruled. It was more primal, chaotic and free but was not devoid of its own form of order. This is first to be taken on a microcosmic level in terms of regimenting one’s own internal hierarchy for optimal integrity, focus and power. It is from this point of self-mastery that one becomes capable of achievements considered impossible by most.

“Of Prometheus” indicates the particular Titan who we look to as an example. The myths surrounding Prometheus are used to develop a blueprint for becoming a Titanic Light Bringer, to be applied uniquely by each initiate. This promethean model is used for the first several stages but ultimately it is up to the individual to write their own legend through their actions. This can be compared to how a musician must first master their instrument and the established musical conventions before they can artfully bend or even break those rules and to produce unique musical compositions.



T.O.P. Sigil Report – Document Version 1.0 – Published February 2, 2017 C.E. by Jeremy Crow


About torchbearertarot

Jeremy Crow is a Left Hand Path occultist, community organizer, writer & musician. He has been practicing occult arts such as lucid dreaming and tea leaf divination since childhood. As a teen he began to practice ritual magick & Tarot. He was raised to the degree of Master Mason in the Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraïm. Was mentored by Tau Cerinthus, Gnostic Bishop of Canada, resulting in Jeremy being ordained a Priest, initiated into the Martinist Order to the degree of S::I:: & Knighted in the Portugal lineage of the Knights Templar Order. Jeremy has also held officer’s roles in several Esoteric Orders including the Golden Dawn & the O.T.O. In 2002 Jeremy began writing and sharing articles & lessons on Gnostic Luciferianism. He became a founding member of Electro-Industrial music project “Pleasure The Priestess,” delved deeply into Taoist Tantra and received mentorship in lab & internal alchemy by Rubaphilos. He then joined the Ordo Luciferi and went on to become the Order’s new Grand Councilor. He founded the Luciferian Research Society (LRS), a non-hierarchical collective of artists from every branch of the Left Hand Path. Jeremy is the host of the LRS Podcast and manifested the 1st International Left Hand Path Conference of 2012 in Toronto, Canada. Jeremy is a Co-President (aka "Archon") of the Assembly of Light Bearers and operates a local branch in Toronto, Canada. He is also the founder of the Ziggurat of Enki and the Titanic Order of Prometheus, Esoteric Orders dedicated to working with and further realizing the New Luciferian Era.

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  1. Kingu, fearsome Ruler of the Void,
    I spill this blood in your name Onto the body of the Dragon.
    Accept my offering and let my Will be done.
    In Nomine Draconis,
    Ho Ophis
    Ho Archaios
    Ho Drakon
    Ho Megas!

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