Enlightenment and The Wild Beast Within – How To Gain Enlightenment Without Denying The Body

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One vision of enlightenment involves gaining unity with “Cosmic Consciousness” or “God Most High” at the cost of disintegrating the individual personality or “Ego”. In modern Western occult lingo this vision is usually referred to as the Right Hand Path (RHP). The main “competing” vision of enlightenment is predictably referred to as the Left Hand Path (LHP). In the LHP paradigm the idea is to attain personal divinity with the ego transformed but intact. Rather than seeking unity or dissolution into a collective, a traveler on a LHP will seek to become a persistent creative force in the universe; to become a god in their own right. For an example of the difference these concepts make in practice, the RHP will involve eliminating personal preference whereas the LHP practitioner will continue to refine their preferences.

Let us further explore enlightenment by looking at the nature of human existence. Humans are officially classified as a species of “Great Ape.” It is agreed upon by modern science that Humans and the other “Great Apes” (i.e. Gorillas, Chimps, Bonobos and Orangutans) descended from a common ancestor species. In other words, there was one species that all apes, including humans, differentiated themselves from to become separate species. To deny or suppress the wild animal nature is to miss the point of being an animal.

One of the unique attributes of our particular species of ape is the ability to communicate abstract concepts efficiently from one person to another. It is this talent that has been twisted and abused by those who seek to make a domesticated animal out of whole populations of humans in order to keep them tame and pliable. Our domestication by other humans, who have set themselves up as our masters, is one source of the current disharmony we experience within our ecosystems. Reclaiming and strengthening our wild nature is one of the keys we can use to unlock greater personal freedom and responsibility. Of course, this form of development is not mutually exclusive with the development of the so-called “higher faculties” of the mind. Ideally both forms of personal development should proceed hand in hand.

Much of the rejection of our animal nature can be observed in the mainstream religious demonization of the flesh. Is the point or purpose of having a physical body actually to reject or escape from it? According to the Left Hand Path, the task of each individual is to take that which is unique about them and to strengthen and expand those parts of the self. This includes the physical, emotional and mental capacities and potentials, incorporating the animal instincts with the mental faculties and denying neither.


About torchbearertarot

Jeremy Crow is a Left Hand Path occultist, community organizer, writer & musician. He has been practicing occult arts such as lucid dreaming and tea leaf divination since childhood. As a teen he began to practice ritual magick & Tarot. He was raised to the degree of Master Mason in the Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraïm. Was mentored by Tau Cerinthus, Gnostic Bishop of Canada, resulting in Jeremy being ordained a Priest, initiated into the Martinist Order to the degree of S::I:: & Knighted in the Portugal lineage of the Knights Templar Order. Jeremy has also held officer’s roles in several Esoteric Orders including the Golden Dawn & the O.T.O. In 2002 Jeremy began writing and sharing articles & lessons on Gnostic Luciferianism. He became a founding member of Electro-Industrial music project “Pleasure The Priestess,” delved deeply into Taoist Tantra and received mentorship in lab & internal alchemy by Rubaphilos. He then joined the Ordo Luciferi and went on to become the Order’s new Grand Councilor. He founded the Luciferian Research Society (LRS), a non-hierarchical collective of artists from every branch of the Left Hand Path. Jeremy is the host of the LRS Podcast and manifested the 1st International Left Hand Path Conference of 2012 in Toronto, Canada. Jeremy is a Co-President (aka "Archon") of the Assembly of Light Bearers and operates a local branch in Toronto, Canada. He is also the founder of the Ziggurat of Enki and the Titanic Order of Prometheus, Esoteric Orders dedicated to working with and further realizing the New Luciferian Era.

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