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Presentation on Promethean Initiation


I have created a written summary of this presentation in order to clarify how this progression through the stages of initiation relate to the myths surrounding Prometheus and how it maps onto the degree structure of the Titanic Order of Prometheus.

Stage 1: The Sub-Lunary (aka Elemental) realm is represented by the myth in which Prometheus creates humanity out of clay and gives us the gift of standing upright like the gods. This stage represents primal mastery of the physical realm starting with basic survival first and then moving on to increasing one’s health/fitness and wealth. In the Titanic Order of Prometheus (TOP) this work is the focus of the Cretus I° member.

Stage 2: The Planetary realm is represented by the mythology of Prometheus stealing the Fire of the Olympic Gods such as Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. This represents the forbidden knowledge held by each of the gods of Olympus (aka the planets) being obtained by the initiate. This stage is also described in occult terms as passing through the first Seven Gates. A backlash generally comes with any subversive act that undermines the power of the status quo, represented symbolically in myth by the binding of Prometheus to a rock and his regenerating liver being eaten by an eagle every day. In TOP this is the work of Fundatus II° members.

Stage 3: The Zodiacial realm comes into play with the myth of Hercules and his 12 Labours which represent the journey of the sun through the 12 signs of the zodiac each solar cycle. During his 12 Labours, Hercules kills the eagle and frees Prometheus from his shackles. This stage involves becoming aware of short term and longer term cycles and learning how to best harness the changing tides of energy and influence. This is the Eighth Gate and is the focus of Invictus III° members.

Stage 4: The Ninth Gate is Apotheosis, or attaining the state of divinity. This is represented in the myth of Chiron the Centaur giving up his immortality to Prometheus. This completes the full emancipation of Prometheus from his state of bondage. The work of the Accendo IV° member is focused on manifesting artefacts that encapsulate a portion of their soul. This frees the individual up from complete dependence on the physical body, as these artefacts will continue to influence the world even after the death of the creator’s fleshy body. These artefacts can be thought of as additional physical vehicles for the individual’s soul to influence the world.

Stage 5: Having achieved a high level of actualization, the Exemplar V° is in a position of great power. In order to maximize the benefit of this state it is imperative to metaphorically “pass the torch” or more accurately to help light the torches of others. This may take the form of mentoring students, sharing information with peers and even developing organizations such as businesses and Esoteric Orders which will perpetuate your corpus of archived knowledge well into the future in some way. This also includes the raising of children for those called to start a family of their own. In TOP we playfully borrow the metaphor of the Seven Year Reign of the Antichrist from the apocalyptic Christians. This is the short window of time in which you have the most power to make your mark in the world and firmly establish your own Titanic legend and legacy. There is no Promethean myth directly associated with this stage for the simple reason that the member is expected to ultimately write their own legend.

Stage 6: This is the state of having fully transcended the human flesh body and are now acting as a raw force in the world. We respectfully and reverently refer to the member who achieves this state as Numen VI°. Only in very rare cases would we describe someone who is still “alive” in the conventional sense as having achieved the stage of Numen VI°. In a practical sense, the recognition of a TOP member to this degree would look like a memorial service combined with a lifetime achievement award ceremony or induction into a Hall of Fame type celebration.

While TOP members get recognized for accomplishment in each of these stages in a logical progression for the sake of practical simplicity, the reality is that the work of each stage often overlaps with that of other stages. In addition, work at earlier stages don’t necessarily end when one begins work on the next stage.


The Sigil of the Titanic Order of Prometheus

To download this document in PDF format, click the following link:

Sigil of the Titanic Order of Prometheus

The Titanic Order of Prometheus

+ Disce Quasi Semper Victurus, Vive Quasi Cras Moriturus +


The sigil for the Titanic Order of Prometheus (TOP) can be broken down into a few core components. This report will brief you on the meaning of each of these elements.


Unicursal Hexagram

The unicursal hexagram is most commonly used as a symbol of Thelema, the religion founded by Aleister Crowley. We want to make it very clear that this is not how we are using the symbol. TOP is not a Thelemic organization and we do not officially endorse the Law of Thelema. The official stance of TOP is that Thelema is ultimately a Right Hand Path. We acknowledge the impact Crowley and Thelema have had on the evolution of modern occultism, however the TOP system is a Left Hand Path (or Complete Path.)

With that out of the way, the TOP uses the unicursal hexagram entwined with the serpent to represent the regimented internal composition of the Complete Harmonized Self. The six points plus the center represent the seven planetary gods (referred to as Archons in TOP) and by extension the forbidden knowledge each is guarding.


The Serpent

Serpents, typically living in holes in the ground, have been associated with hidden knowledge in diverse cultures around the world throughout time. The serpent in the TOP sigil specifically represents the journey through the first Seven Gates of initiation into the Sinister Mysteries. The initiate is tasked with seizing the forbidden knowledge from each of the Archons. The knowledge thereby gained from each Archon serves as the Key to their Gate.


Double Diamond

This is the most deceptively simple element of the sigil. As this is one of the more unusual ways to encapsulate an organization’s symbol, we will take a bit more time exploring this component.

The double diamond replaces the double circle that was used in the first released version of the TOP sigil. The circle represents the magic circle of protection, unbroken cycles and defined focus. Viewed from another perspective the circle represents a limitation, a barrier or a ring-pass-not beyond which represents the unknown. It is also a symbol of the unmanifest realm, otherwise known as “spirit.”

Replacing the circle with a diamond generates a much different interaction with the outside world. The diamond is essentially a stretched square. The square is a symbol of the manifest or physical plane. This is an important reminder that the “here and now” is the canvas upon which we express the artwork of our soul. Our goal is to bend the universe to our will and a stretched square is quite appropriate as a symbol to represent this.

In addition, the diamond or lozenge shape is reminiscent of a vertically aligned Vesica Piscis symbol from sacred geometry [This is a symbol created by overlapping two circles in a specific way and is most commonly seen aligned horizontally in the “Jesus fish” symbol.] The major difference, of course, is that the lines in the vesica piscis are curved while the diamond has straight lines. The vesica piscis has been symbolically tied to the female sex organs and by extension it represents a portal into the physical plane, or put another way it is a channel for that which is non-physical to enter the material world. Putting this all together we can say that the diamond is a vortex for the manifestation of our Will in the real world. It can be thought of as a symbolic fortress which serves as our base of operations.

Finally, there is something subversive about the diamond shape itself. The very fact that it is a distorted square signifies a rebellion against the cosmic order as it currently stands. It introduces an element of chaos without completely annihilating the form. It signifies that we live by our own code, which is above any set of laws established by an external authority. It is a symbol of Autotheism, or being one’s own god. In a practical sense this means to be one’s own highest authority in one’s own life.



Translated into English, “Disce Quasi Semper Victurus, Vive Quasi Cras Moriturus” means: “Learn as if you will live forever, Live as if you will die tomorrow.” History has attributed this quote to St. Edmund of Abingdon, a 13th century Archbishop of Canterbury within the Roman Catholic Church. The attributed author is irrelevant to the TOP. Only the meaning of the statement itself is important to us.

The first part of the motto informs us about the nature of learning: That it is a cumulative and evolutionary process. If you worry about how much time and effort you will need to invest in order to master a topic or skill, you may become overwhelmed with the enormity of the task and never even begin. This becomes increasingly the case as one gets older due to the perception that your remaining time is constantly decreasing. The antidote is to adopt the attitude that you will never run out of time as long as you continue to learn.

The second part of this motto reminds us that everything is in constant flux and especially that our human bodies only operate effectively for a limited amount of time. It is imperative to utilize the time we have to appreciate life for all the struggles, the victories, the hard lessons and the simple pleasures. In TOP we also teach that now is the time to establish a legacy that will increase the likelihood that your work will continue indefinitely, even beyond your physical death.

The motto can also be used by TOP initiates as a fraternal greeting, done in a call and answer format.

Person 1: “Disce Quasi Semper Victurus”

Person 2: “Vive Quasi Cras Moriturus”

These can be abbreviated to their acronyms “DQSV” and “VQCM,” especially in written communications between members.



The two X’s are used to visually separate the motto on the bottom of the sigil from the organization’s name at the top. The X is used in particular for this purpose because it is a representation of the physical plane. The X is a form of cross, representing the four directions of the compass. The use of these two X’s further ground the sigil in the real world. This strong emphasis on the material plane is to drive home the point that the work we do is rooted in the here and now. We are not role playing. This isn’t a game or a mental exercise. Our members are expected to put in the work to manifest their desires in the world. Advancement in the TOP is not symbolic. It is a recognition of genuine, tangible success.


Titanic Order of Prometheus

The name of our organization is a symbolic encapsulation of what we are working to achieve and the mythos we utilize to facilitate our process.

“Titanic” is an adjective which broken down to its root simply describes that which has attributes comparable to those of the Titans. In common usage this is typically applied to something large because the Titans were described in the myths as being giant in stature. In TOP we use the term in its wider meaning of all things related to the Titans. In the journey towards Apotheosis the initiate will develop Titanic qualities, thus inaugurating a new breed of Titans in the world.

“Order” is primarily used to convey that our organization is an Esoteric Order. However, there is a more occult meaning to our use of this word. While we do incorporate some aspects of the Anticosmic current within our system, our goal is not complete chaos. We seek to overthrow the existing spiritual establishment represented by the Olympic Archons and establish our own New Order that is closer in character to the era when the Titans ruled. It was more primal, chaotic and free but was not devoid of its own form of order. This is first to be taken on a microcosmic level in terms of regimenting one’s own internal hierarchy for optimal integrity, focus and power. It is from this point of self-mastery that one becomes capable of achievements considered impossible by most.

“Of Prometheus” indicates the particular Titan who we look to as an example. The myths surrounding Prometheus are used to develop a blueprint for becoming a Titanic Light Bringer, to be applied uniquely by each initiate. This promethean model is used for the first several stages but ultimately it is up to the individual to write their own legend through their actions. This can be compared to how a musician must first master their instrument and the established musical conventions before they can artfully bend or even break those rules and to produce unique musical compositions.



T.O.P. Sigil Report – Document Version 1.0 – Published February 2, 2017 C.E. by Jeremy Crow

The Titanic Order of Prometheus – Degree Structure

To download this document in PDF format, click the following link:

TOP Degree Structure

The Titanic Order of Prometheus

+ Disce Quasi Semper Victurus, Vive Quasi Cras Moriturus +


The Titanic Order of Prometheus (TOP) is an occult Path available to members of the Assembly of Light Bearers (ALB.) TOP exists to guide dedicated individuals through the progressive milestones necessary to become an individual of such powerful influence that they can alter the trajectory of life itself and ascend to the realm of heroes. We accomplish this through invoking the archetype of the Light Bearer, as described in the Greco-Roman myths surrounding the Titan named Prometheus (which literally translates to “Forethought.”)


These myths are interpreted from the perspective that the Titans represent the raw forces which first individuated out of the primal chaos. Zeus-Jupiter and the rest of the Olympians represent an even further abstraction away from chaos. They overthrew the Titans to become the ruling powers or “Archons” of the Cosmos led by the chief Archon or “Demiurge” Zeus-Jupiter. Human beings are the creation of Prometheus and were endowed with special gifts by him. As an initiate of the TOP you are expected to take control of your direction in life; to seize the forbidden knowledge kept by each of the Archons and thereby render them powerless over you, and finally to take your place as one of the New Titans in the New Luciferian Era.


Degree Structure

This Path is divided up into six levels of progress called Degrees, each with a roman numeral and a name. Each name is a word in Latin, which is the Magickal Language used in TOP [Latin is the language which brought us the word Lucifer, many tales of Prometheus and numerous esoteric texts.] Each of these degrees represent a major milestone toward accomplishing the goal of personal Apotheosis. The mythology of Prometheus is utilized in TOP to explore the heroic journey of the torch bearer, otherwise known as the Light Bearer Archetype. In addition, the progression of degrees forms an esoteric version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, starting at the level of basic survival and security before moving on to the deeper occult teachings. This progression is not symbolic. Each degree is awarded only to those who have demonstrated competency in both the esoteric arts and in their ability to accomplish more concrete goals in the real world.


Cretus I°

The first degree forms the introduction to the TOP and is open to all ALB Members who are interested. This level of membership comes with no obligations or commitments. There are no dues. The first step must always be done by you, therefore entry into the first degree is through performance of a Self-Initiation Rite. The Cretus I° Dossier containing the knowledge lectures and official practices (including the Self-Initiation Rite) of the degree may be downloaded free of charge in the forthcoming Members only forum to be hosted on the ALB website. A physical copy of the Dossier may be purchased if one is desired.


The word Cretus means both “having sprung forth” and “augmented.” This speaks to the nature of the first degree being an initiation into a focused current. It is a new beginning as well as an additional layer of meaning and power in the life of the initiate. Cretus has a common root with the Latin word for “clay.” This is a reference to the myth of Prometheus creating humanity out of clay. The Cretus I° takes inspiration from Prometheus by crafting a Titanic Hero out of the starting clay of themselves.


The symbolic focus of this degree is the sub-lunary realm, otherwise known as the elemental kingdom. On a practical level, this relates to the task of “building your fortress” as a metaphor for ensuring the continued survival your physical existence. In order to embark upon the higher spiritual planes you first need to ensure at least your basic needs are being met consistently. As an initiate of Cretus I° your mission is to gain intimate knowledge of each Element. You are to then utilize this knowledge to more effectively manifest your Will in the world. Over time this is how one obtains increasing mastery of the Elements.


Mastery is not necessary to advance to the next degree. It is something one continues to develop over a lifetime. However, one must have first established a solid base from which to launch their higher aspirations. This means at least being able to support yourself and take care of any other financial obligations you may have, establishing a regular fitness routine of your choosing and tending to your health, to complete the required reading list and to regularly engage in occult practices.


Fundatus II°

Those who have completed the work of the first degree may apply for advancement to the second. A certain level of commitment to the work is expected at this level, including the introduction of a dues requirement. Unlike in most Esoteric Orders, no dues are required to be sent to Headquarters. Instead you will be expected to contribute financial support to a local TOP group, called Groves and Academies. The amount required will be determined by the needs of the group and agreed upon by majority vote of local members, which could consist of as little as one member. Even if it is just one person with little to no expenses, they will still be required to contribute at least a symbolic amount each month and proper records shall be kept of the local treasury. The local group may grow later and having even a modest war chest built up will come in handy.


Fundatus is a word which means “having been founded” or “to become established.” In addition, it means “having been secured,” which is a reference to Prometheus being bound to the rock or mountain as the consequence of upsetting the Cosmic Order of Zeuz-Jupiter and the other Olympians. This challenge to the status-quo was accomplished through empowering humanity with forbidden knowledge stolen from the Olympians. Challenges to the establishment always come with a backlash from those resisting change. This resistance is something we must be ready for. It only makes us stronger and more determined.


In this degree we explore the planetary realm. This is the very realm of the Demiurge and his Archons. Each of these Olympic gods have their own knowledge which is forbidden to mortals. The discovery and utilization of this forbidden knowledge, referred to as Gnosis is the path to evolve oneself into what Friedrich Nietzsche described as the Übermensch. In the classical language this would be described as a demi-god or in modern terms we might say Super-human. Also sharing this Gnosis with the rest of humanity elevates one to the status of Hero. On a practical level work in the Fundatus II° involves an in-depth study and devoted practice of the esoteric arts and sciences. Much of this work should include manifesting practical goals with very clear ways to judge when success has been obtained.


Members of this degree may also join one of the various Inner Orders available within the ALB Esoteric structure. These Inner Orders can be described as special interest groups and may have their own internal stand-alone structure.


Invictus III°

The third degree of TOP is awarded to those who have attained a level of Mastery over their lives. They have the ability to utilize their environment to their advantage rather than being taken advantage of by it. Members of the third degree are able to rally their resources to achieve tasks that would be impossible for those who are divided against themselves. Having conquered the Elements and stolen the keys of power from each of the Planetary Archons, the personal resources at the command of the Invictus III° are considerable.


Invictus literally translates as Unconquerable. This is used as a reference to the part of the Prometheus myth which describes how the Titan becomes unbound, and thereby gains an unprecedented level of personal freedom and power. This myth is tied up with the story of Hercules and his twelve labours, symbolic of the sun as it travels through the signs of the Zodiac. On the esoteric side of things, a deeper exploration of how cycles and timing effect our occult practice. The practical work of the Invictus III° involves ongoing efforts to establish oneself as an authority in their chosen fields of expertise and positioning themselves strategically to wield ever increasing power in the world.


Accendo IV°

The fourth degree of TOP represents a very advanced level of personal integrity. The major dualities of existence have been overcome and the aspects of the personality have largely been harmonized. It is at this point which the individual can truly say they have become their own god. In no way does this mean that progress has ceased. A god creates and destroys according to their Will. In the coded language of the Occult, it is said that being initiated into the Mysteries of the Seven Planets constitute the first Seven Gates. The Eighth Gate is the sphere of the fixed stars and especially the belt of the Zodiac. The Ninth Gate goes beyond this into a firsthand experience of Divinity. In other words, to have Gnosis of what it means to be a god. To be recognized as an Accendo IV° is to say that one has passed through this 9th Gate.


The word Accendo translates as “I Am Illuminated/Enflamed” or “to kindle a flame.” It also calls to mind the English words Ascend and Ascension. The individual has become a living embodiment of the Black Flame. This degree is tied to the myth of the centaur Chiron, childhood teacher of Hercules, giving his immortality to Prometheus. This completes the final requirement set upon Prometheus by Zeus-Jupiter in his punishment. Once Chiron gives this gift, Prometheus fully remanifests the goal of Autotheism and has once again become truly liberated from all external authorities.


The work of the Accendo IV° is primarily focused on manifesting representations of their Will in the world at large. This can include works of art, contributions to science and technology, establishment of organizations or businesses, etc… These are artefacts of the individual and form a tangible or at least observable element of their legacy. This is an important aspect of ensuring a continued influence in the world long after the fleshy body stops being an effective vehicle of consciousness. It is appropriate then that this is often referred to as the “corpus” or body of work produced by the person.


Exemplar V°

The fifth degree recognizes the achievements of one who has accomplished much on their journey and is now in a position to pass their hard earned knowledge on to the next generation. It is the responsibility of every Light Bringer to pass that torch on to others who will carry it even further. Exemplar is a title which means “one who deserves to be emulated.” The Exemplar V° seeks to propagate themselves in the form of promulgating their own teachings in the world.


Due to the limitations of the physical body, one often has very little time to do their work from this advanced position of power. If we were to appropriate a concept from Apocalyptic Christianity, this stage corresponds to the Seven Year Reign of the Antichrist. Often work done on this degree will be concurrent with that of the previous degree. It is entirely possible for someone to receive recognition for accomplishing this stage posthumously.


One of the primary goals of TOP is to inaugurate legions of New Titans in the physical and subtle planes. The first part of establishing a powerful legacy in the world is achieved through the work of the Accendo IV°. The second part is to train as many high quality replacements for yourself in the world as possible. The point is to transfer your specialized knowledge to others and let them do with it as they will. It will grow and change along the way and this is desirable. It is evolution. Some aspects of yourself become crystalized and passed down virtually unchanged. Others aspects mutate and find new forms of expression.


There are no existing myths of Prometheus that relate to this degree. It is up to us to write the next chapter in the story in which the New Titans are the Heroes. What new legend will you write with your deeds?


Numen VI°

The sixth and final degree is Numen, meaning deity or disincarnate force. It’s for those who have been highly accomplished in life and now exist as a force in the world unbound by their physical form. Numen VI° is a member who has passed on but is still influential in the world. This ceremony will take the form of a memorial service in the sense that it celebrates the legacy the individual established while alive and marks their transition to a new phase of existence. One does not necessarily have to have achieved all the previous degrees while alive in order to receive this honor.



T.O.P. Degree Structure – Document Version 1.0 – Published January 12, 2017 C.E. by Jeremy Crow

Enlightenment and The Wild Beast Within – How To Gain Enlightenment Without Denying The Body

[This article was originally published

One vision of enlightenment involves gaining unity with “Cosmic Consciousness” or “God Most High” at the cost of disintegrating the individual personality or “Ego”. In modern Western occult lingo this vision is usually referred to as the Right Hand Path (RHP). The main “competing” vision of enlightenment is predictably referred to as the Left Hand Path (LHP). In the LHP paradigm the idea is to attain personal divinity with the ego transformed but intact. Rather than seeking unity or dissolution into a collective, a traveler on a LHP will seek to become a persistent creative force in the universe; to become a god in their own right. For an example of the difference these concepts make in practice, the RHP will involve eliminating personal preference whereas the LHP practitioner will continue to refine their preferences.

Let us further explore enlightenment by looking at the nature of human existence. Humans are officially classified as a species of “Great Ape.” It is agreed upon by modern science that Humans and the other “Great Apes” (i.e. Gorillas, Chimps, Bonobos and Orangutans) descended from a common ancestor species. In other words, there was one species that all apes, including humans, differentiated themselves from to become separate species. To deny or suppress the wild animal nature is to miss the point of being an animal.

One of the unique attributes of our particular species of ape is the ability to communicate abstract concepts efficiently from one person to another. It is this talent that has been twisted and abused by those who seek to make a domesticated animal out of whole populations of humans in order to keep them tame and pliable. Our domestication by other humans, who have set themselves up as our masters, is one source of the current disharmony we experience within our ecosystems. Reclaiming and strengthening our wild nature is one of the keys we can use to unlock greater personal freedom and responsibility. Of course, this form of development is not mutually exclusive with the development of the so-called “higher faculties” of the mind. Ideally both forms of personal development should proceed hand in hand.

Much of the rejection of our animal nature can be observed in the mainstream religious demonization of the flesh. Is the point or purpose of having a physical body actually to reject or escape from it? According to the Left Hand Path, the task of each individual is to take that which is unique about them and to strengthen and expand those parts of the self. This includes the physical, emotional and mental capacities and potentials, incorporating the animal instincts with the mental faculties and denying neither.

Year 2 Lunation 5

Happy New Moon! Day Zero of the Fifth Lunation in Year 2 of the New Luciferian Era.
2-5-0 NLE

Year 2 Lunation 2

The current “Lunation” (lunar month) in the Abysmal Calendar.

Interview: Jeremy Crow 2.0

Recent interview I gave for The Aeon Eye.

[Archive] Liberty Enlightening the World

I recently found some old documents that I thought were lost and wanted to share one of them here. It is an article I wrote over a decade ago while I was still active in Co-Freemasonry. For a little bit of background, this Order worked the Scottish Rite degrees and a few York Rite degrees. This particular Order had informal ties with the Theosophical Society and certain explicitly occult elements had been incorporated into the ceremonies. For example, on the Spring Equinox there was an optional ceremony called, The Invocation of the Angels.

To hear more about my experience with Freemasonry, including my opinion on the Luciferian connection, I would like to share this video I created back in March 2012:

With the background information covered, I present to you this original paper I presented to my lodge over a decade ago:

Liberty Enlightening the World

By Brother Jeremy Crow

“Thou hast broken my bonds in sunder. I will offer unto thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the Name of Tetragrammaton!”

This prayer is inscribed around the perimeter of the 7th Pentacle of the Sun in The Key of Solomon the King. This prayer comes from the 116th Psalm. The stated purpose of this Pentacle is thus:

“If any be by chance imprisoned or detained in fetters of iron, at the presence of this Pentacle, which should be engraved in Gold on the day and hour of the Sun, he will be immediately delivered and set at liberty.”

This freedom from the “bonds of iron” should be of significance to all Masons.

Also inscribed on this Pentacle, in the arms of a pyramidal or Maltese cross, are the names of the Angels who rule over the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. These angels are the very same Angels whom we invoke at the Spring Equinox. While there is a slight difference in the names, this can be explained by the variation in methods of transliteration from Hebrew to Roman characters. The elemental associations match up and the names are so similar that we can be safe in proclaiming them to be identical entities.

In Masonry, we call these Angels “Supervising Architects” and we describe their work as “the building of the Temple of King Solomon, or more permanent structure.” If you recall the bible story, the Ark of the Covenant (which was said to contain the Spirit of God) was first kept in a tent. A tent is a temporary dwelling place. After the completion of the Temple of King Solomon (a more permanent structure) the Ark was transferred to its Holy of Holies. Also recall the restriction with regards to iron tools in the construction of the Temple.

What does all this mean to us in relation to our Initiation and the ceremony of the Invocation of the Angels?

At our initiation we invoked the elementals of the four quarters, whose rulers also happen to be engraved on Solomon’s 7th Pentacle of the Sun. These rulers are the Divine Carpenters: Tharsis rules Water, Seraph rules Fire, Cherub rules Earth and Ariel rules Air. These Divine Carpenters build the “tents,” the temporary dwelling places of the divine spirit. These tents represent our physical bodies and perhaps the entire physical plane. When we are formally introduced to each group of elementals, we are beginning the process of taking responsibility for the state of our physical bodies, our immediate physical surroundings, our entire planet and perhaps beyond! We start to understand that the Carpenters use our mental patterns as blueprints for their construction.

During the Invocation of the Angels, we invoke the Supervising Architects to aid us in our quest to raise the Temple of Humanity to the Glory of The Great Architect of the Universe. This is a concept that is a bit more abstract than the former, which is why it is spoken of in metaphor. In various Western traditions it has been called not only the Temple of King Solomon, but the Resurrection Body of Christ, the Wedding Garment and the New Jerusalem. In Buddhism it is called the Body of Light, the Diamond Body and the Rainbow Body. In Freemasonry it is also the Perfect Ashlar or the Cubic Stone. In plain terms, on the microcosmic level it is a new, perfected body that can affect the physical plane but is not bound by its limitations. On the macrocosmic level it is the perfection of all matter. It is Shambhala and the Temple not made with hands.

The Angel ceremony is performed at the Spring Equinox for the same reason Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ at that time. On that day there is balance between night and day. Also at this time of the year the Sun has a very intimate connection with the Earth. This connection is recognized in the invocations. The East, South and West invocations all involve aspects of the Sun and the North invocation acknowledges the Earth. The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of renewed life on the planet. It is the perfect time to focus on breaking our “fetters of iron.” At this time, we offer up our whole selves in sacrifice to that divine flame within us in the hope of rising up like a phoenix from the ashes of our burnt offering.

Is There Actually A 13th Zodiac Sign?

A few years ago there was a lot of buzz about a new, thirteenth sign of the Zodiac. Not only this, but that the date ranges for the twelve well known signs have also changed, we were told. Really serious Astrology enthusiasts started to panic that for their entire lives they have believed themselves to be a specific sign, read their daily predictions, checked their compatibility with potential romantic partners, etc… only to find that they are a completely different sign!

Astrologers rushed to alleviate the fears of their clients, column readers and twitter followers that nothing has changed. Keep calm and carry on with the original, traditional system. News articles cropped up debunking the 13th Sign, many stating that all of this has been known for centuries and that everything has been accounted for by the Astrology community by consensus.

What is the real Truth? Did someone drag up old and irrelevant information to try and stir the pot? An astrological troll looking for negative attention? Or is there really a 13th Sign that mainstream Astrologers don’t want us to know about? The truth is that there are indeed 13 constellations of the Zodiac. However, it is important to distinguish between a Sign and a Constellation.

First of all, what is the Zodiac? It is the belt of stars that the sun moves across, as viewed from Earth, in the course of the year. Put another way, if you look at the rising sun every morning and draw an imaginary line between yourself and the sun, but then continue the line out further, this line will be pointing at one of the constellations of the Zodiac. There are many other constellations, but only 13 of them are part of the Zodiac belt.

The “Constellations” are the actual stars that you can observe in the sky. A “Sign” of the Zodiac is a more subtle concept but it is related to the constellations. The twelve signs that we are all familiar with were devised by ancient Babylonian priests around 3000 years ago. The Babylonians had spent generations observing the movement and configuration of the stars and planets (considered “wandering stars”) along with the sun and moon. They built observatories and kept records of this and correlated different significant events with the changes that they observed. They learned to predict how the stars were going to move and developed increasingly accurate progressions.

They eventually codified these findings into the system that has come down to us as Astrology. One of the decisions they made was to align their findings more closely with the prevalent religious theology at the time. Having 12 equal “Signs” fit better than 13 irregular constellations, so they fudged the numbers.

So are there actually a 13th Zodiac Sign or not? Yes, there is! But it is new. The Constellation of the Zodiac has been known for Aeons, but only recently have pioneering Astrologers started recognizing a 13th Sign, called Ophiuchus. These same Astrologers are using an uneven division between these thirteen signs, to match exactly with the observed constellations. So in this new Astrology, what is your New Sign, or the actual constellation on the horizon that the sun rose in on the day you were born? For me, I used to be a Capricorn but my New Sign is Sagittarius! To be honest, I feel that both work for me. Your results may vary and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter! The new dates are shown below, give or take a day or two. If you are very close to the transition date, you are said to be born “on the cusp” and partake of qualities of both signs:

Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18- May 13
Taurus: May 13- June 21
Gemini: June 21- July 20
Cancer: July 20- Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30- Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20
Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16

P.S. How does this relate to Tarot? 12 of the Major Arcana cards are representations of the 12 traditional signs of the Zodiac. Should we add another card for Ophiuchus?